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Acceptance Ukrainian citizenship

Гражданство в Украине

Migration Agency provides services for foreign citizens and stateless persons to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, both under the simplified procedure and in general, by accepting Ukrainian citizenship

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine is the final stage of the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, which connects an individual with the state of Ukraine, and is manifested in mutual rights and obligations.

List of grounds for citizenship

Confirmation for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship:

  • continuous residence on the basis of permanent residence in Ukraine for the last five years;
  • Permanent residence obtained on the basis of marriage to a citizen of Ukraine;
  • acquisition of citizenship in connection with territorial origin;
  • acquisition of citizenship in connection with birth.
  • Foreigners applying for citizenship in Ukraine

    Marriage in Ukraine

    Family members

    Former citizens

  • WANT to accept the citizenship of Ukraine?
  • WANT to get the benefits of a Ukrainian passport?
  • WANT to know the step-by-step algorithm of necessary actions?
  • The citizenship of Ukraine

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    Our expertise in the field of migration law allows our foreign clients to be confident in solving their problems and obtain the necessary documents.

    Warning: to apply for citizenship you must be legally on the territory of Ukraine.


    Миграционное агентство вид на жительство на 1 год

    from 8700 грн

    After the citizenship procedure you receive:

    PASSPORT a citizen of Ukraine

    EXCERPT about the place of residence (according to the contract)

    DOCUMENTS for additional services (according to the contract)

    With this service order
    Свидетельство о браке - Миграционное агентство


    Разрешение на работу - Миграционное агентство


    Прописка - Миграционное агентство


    Идентификационный налоговый код - Миграционное агентство


    Регистрация Физического лица предпринимателя - Миграционное агентство


    Questions and Answers

    Is it possible to apply for citizenship without my presence??

    The presence of a foreigner is required to apply for citizenship.

    For how long will I be granted citizenship?

    It depends on the grounds you have for obtaining citizenship.

    Can my close relatives also apply for citizenship??

    Yes, they can get permanent residence and further obtain citizenship.

    Can I not renounce my citizenship and obtain Ukrainian citizenship?

    No, one of the conditions for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is to renounce your current citizenship.

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    What our customers say about us
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    Sergey, Belarus

    “After two years of marriage with a citizen of Ukraine, he first received a permanent residence permit from a migration agency, and then they helped to apply for citizenship. I was satisfied with their work.”

    Timothy, Russia

    “Last year he moved to Ukraine to live and work. Addressed to this company. Promptly helped to issue a residence permit in Ukraine for a period of 3 years”

    Logan, USA

    “I currently live in Ukraine, I have issued a residence permit for legal stay for more than 90 days.”