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Restoration of Citizenship of Ukraine

Migrations Agency provides services for foreigners and stateless persons to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, both the simplified and genedal procedure by taking citizenship of Ukraine.

Ukrainian passport is the final step in the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, which connects the individual to the Ukrainiane State, and this is manifested in the mutual rights and obligations.

Cost of registration:

Confirmation for child

подтверждение гражданства Украины ребенку

3500 uah

2750 uah

Acceptance of citizenship

Принятие гражданства Украины

10300 uah

8700 uah

Restoration of citizenship

Восстановление гражданства

17600 uah

14800 uah

Benefits from registration of citizenship:

How to restore citizenship of Ukraine?

Restoration of Citizenship of Ukraine

2 main reasons to order restoration of citizenship of Ukraine in our Migrations Agency:

№1 Price Price

You are getting a better price in Kyiv (in the ratio of price / quality of service) for restoration of citizenship of Ukraine, as well as a discount of 10% for each subsequent service from us.

№2 Terms Terms

You quickly will get your restoration of citizenship of Ukraine in Kyiv and Kyiv region in terms agreed with you.

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