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Регистрация ООО

Limited liability company – is one of the most popular organizational forms of doing business in Ukraine.

Individual Entrepreneur (FLP) – is one of the forms of business entities activities in Ukraine. Statute of an entrepreneur is acquired after the state registration with the state registrar.

Representation of a foreign company in Ukraine – is a unit that is located outside the country of location of the main office of the enterprise.

Grounds for LLCGrounds for FLPRepresentation

Conditions for registration of business activities:

  • must have a legal address
  • when creating an LLC, the formation of the authorized capital is an integral part
  • the authorized capital of the LLC is made up of the nominal value of the shares of its participants, which can be no more than 100
  • the choice of economic activities is carried out according to the Classifier (KVED)
  • Conditions when registering FLP:

  • presence of a place of registration in Ukraine for a legal address
  • adherence to the rules for the selection of permissible activities for Qued
  • must be registered in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine
  • Conditions when registering a representative office in Ukraine:

  • registration in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine is obligatory
  • extract from the Unified State Register of Statistical Bodies
  • stamp availability
  • registration with the tax inspection



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  • WANT to find out a step-by-step algorithm of necessary actions?
  • Registration of business in Ukraine for foreigners

    Contact the Migration Agency !

    Our expertise in the field of migration law allows our foreign clients to be confident in solving their problems and obtain the necessary documents.

    Attention: to submit documents you must be legally in Ukraine.

    FLP Registration

    Регистрация ФЛП в Украине

    from 2500 UAH

    LLC registration

    Регистрация ООО в Украине

    from 4000 UAH

    After the registration procedure, you receive:

    EXCERPT on company registration in the unified state register

    STATUTORY company documents

    RNT to a foreigner for official employment in Ukraine

    DOCUMENTS for additional services (in accordance with the contract)

    With this service order
    ИНН - Миграционное агентство


    ПМЖ - Миграционное агентство


    ПРОПИСКА - Миграционное агентство


    Questions & Answers

    Can I get a residence permit if I start my own business in Ukraine?

    Yes, we will tell you the whole algorithm of necessary actions.

    How long will I be able to register LLC or FLP?

    Registration term – 2 working days.

    To open an LLC, I must rent an office space?

    No, you can register your LLC at your address.

    Can I open FLP without registering a place of residence?

    No, but we can find other options for you to do business in Ukraine.

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    Alex, Moldova

    “I applied to register the LLC with the Migration Agency, we did everything promptly. I did not have to draw up statutory documents and wait in line. I was satisfied.”

    Sergey, Belarus

    “Married a Ukrainian. With the help of a migration agency, he extended his temporary residence permit in Ukraine.”

    Logan, USA

    “I currently live in Ukraine, I have issued a residence permit for legal stay for more than 90 days.”