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Migration Law Specialization

“Migration Agency” is an agency that specializes exclusively in migration law and provides services for the processing of documents of any complexity for foreigners and Ukrainian citizens.

Migration – the movement of the people with the purpose of changing the place of residence within the state or beyond its borders. Migration includes immigration and emigration.

Immigrants are people who migrated to the Ukraine.

Emigrants are people who migrated abroad.

In order for a foreign citizen to become an immigrant, he will need to issue a number of papers, without which he will not be allowed into the territory of Ukraine.

First of all, you need to know whether the foreigner’s country has a visa-free regime with Ukraine.

Those who travel by “visa-free” may stay in Ukraine for no more than 90 days. You can continue to stay only in exceptional cases – treatment, natural disaster, registration of the inheritance, acquisition of citizenship.

If there is no visa-free regime, it is necessary to issue an invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner, and then apply for a visa.

In the case of a visa, the period of stay depends on its type and can vary from 30 to 90 days.

If a foreign citizen wants to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days, he needs to obtain a residence permit.

There are two types of residence permits: temporary and permanent.

A temporary residence permit (permit) allows a foreigner to stay in Ukraine for up to 3 years with the possibility of renewal.

It is necessary a ground for getting a residence permit. You can find out about them by going to the residence permit page and watching the video.

A permanent residence permit provides a foreigner the opportunity to stay within the territory of Ukraine for up to 10 years with the possibility of extension.

For registration of permanent residence permit you need to have an appropriate reason. You can find out about the grounds for permanent residence in the video on the permanent residence page for foreigners.

What services does the Migration Agency provide for foreigners, stateless persons and citizens of Ukraine?

  1. Residence permit – temporary and permanent.
  2. Invitation for a foreign citizen – guest and business.
  3. Legal support for registration of marriage with a foreigner.
  4. Legal support of registration of citizenship of Ukraine.
  5. Registration of business in Ukraine – FLP, LLC, representative offices.
  6. Registration of a work permit in Ukraine (renewal).
  7. Tax Identification Number (TIN).

All information about the required documents, as well as the benefits that you get by having particular document, you can find on the page of each of the services by viewing the video.

You can also call us right now and get a free consultation with our experts on any matter of interest to you.

Your benefits when contacting us:

  • Limited Liability Company “Migration Agency” is officially registered in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine, code 39727408
  • Specialization in migration law
  • Free consultations of migration experts
  • Operatively prepare the required documents.
  • Conclusion of a formal contract
  • Phased payment of our services
  • Office in the center of Kyiv
  • Convenient work schedule from Monday to Friday
  • Receive calls from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm seven days a week

Are you ready to issue the necessary document? We are waiting for you in our office in the center of Kyiv.

If you have any questions – call or write right now and get a free consultation from our experts.